Agreement between Expat-Expo and the exhibitor is subject to the following conditions:

1.(a) The agreement is limited to exhibition at the following places (see home page for the dates).

  • Zürich Best Western Spirgarten

  • Geneva Starling Hotel and Conference Center at PalExpo

  • Zug Lorzensaal - Cham

  • Basel Congress Center

1.(b) Exhibitor set-up: 9:00 - 11:00 the morning of the event.

1.(c) Exhibitor move-out: 17:00 - 19:00 the evening of the event.


2. Services provided by Expat-Expo

  • Provide exhibition space at the specified time, date and place for each paid exhibitor.

  • Provide public access to the exhibition hall at the specified time, date and place.

  • Provide exhibitor access to the exhibition hall for setup and breakdown within the specified hours indicated above.

  • Promote the exhibition to the public via print and English broadcast media if possible.

  • Provide one table and one chair for the exhibitor's use at an agreed location within the exhibition hall. Each table will have 60-80 cm of space behind the table and 50 cm between tables.


3.(a) Exhibitor's space

  • Exhibitors may only distribute their sales material only at their table. Roaming around the exhibition hall or the entry to distribute material or take surveys is strictly forbidden.

  • Only one organisation may exhibit at each table.

  • You may not have more than 2 representatives at you table at a time.

  • Exhibitors may not distribute materials or make sales on another organisation's behalf.

  • The exhibitor must remove any tape or blutack from their table/chair/back wall and leave their assigned area clean and free of debris at the end of the exhibition.


3.(b) Table options

  • The exhibitor may choose to rent additional features at their exhibition space subject to additional fees. These options must be specified on the exhibitor's application form. Options are limited and are awarded on a first come first served basis.

  • Corner table location: 50 CHF extra

  • Premium table: 100 CHF extra

  • Wifi internet access card: 30 CHF extra  (where available)

  • Electrical outlet: 50 CHF each (up 300 wats)

  • Table with a back wall: 100 CHF extra


4. Agency

This agreement provides no entitlement, neither express nor implied for Expat-Expo nor the exhibitor to act as an agent for the other party.


  • The exhibitor cannot represent itself as an agent of Expat-Expo. The exhibitor is encouraged (but are not obligated) to promote the event at their own discretion.

  • The exhibitor cannot include Expat-Expo in any contract for products and services with any third parties without Expat-Expo's prior written consent.

  • Expat-Expo cannot bind the exhibitor into a contract with any third party for products or services without the exhibitor's prior written consent.

  • The exhibitor is individually and exclusively responsible for fulfillment and/or support of any service or product presented at the event.

  • Exhibitors are solely and individually responsible for operating their business in accordance with Swiss laws.

  • The exhibitor cannot represent its participation at the event as an endorsement of the exhibitor or its products or services by Expat-Expo.


5. Fee payment

  • Payment in full is due within 30 business days of registering or 5 working days before the expo in question, which ever comes first.

  • Late payment may result in the loss of your requested table position.

  • In the event you make a payment less than one week before the expo, we will check our account on the Thursday before the expo. If we have not received confirmation from our bank that your payment has arrived, we will notify you by email on Thursday afternoon and we request that you pay you full invoice, in cash before you set-up for the expo on Sunday. If your on-line payment comes through during or after the expo we will return of course it in full. We are very sorry for the draconian nature of this but unfortunately experience has forced our hand.

  • Expat-Expo reserves the right to decline any application from an exhibitor at Expat-Expo's sole discretion.


6. Cancellation

  • The exhibitor may cancel their participation in the exhibition by advising Expat-Expo in writing of their withdrawal. Expat-Expo will refund fees paid by the exhibitor based on the following schedule:

  • Notification more than 30 days prior to the exhibition: 100% refund..

  • Notification less than 30 days prior to the exhibition: no refund unless we can fill your table. If we find someone to take your place there will be a 100% refund.

  • In the event the exhibitor's balance is unpaid and the exhibitor cancels less than 30 days before the expo, the balance will still be due unless we can sell your table to another exhibitor.

  • Note: Unsold tables will be given priority over refunds.


7. Late payment fees:

Late payments are subject to the following late payment fee schedule.

1-30 days late: add CHF 50.00 to the original invoice.

30-90 days late: (in addition to the previous late payment fees) add CHF 100.00.

90-120 days late: (in addition to the previous late payment fees) add CHF 200.00.

After 120 days: (in addition to the previous late payment fees) add CHF 100.00 for every 30 days.

8. Financial companies must be licensed and regulated in Switzerland.

Our Data Processing Statement

1. We send announcements about our future events to people on our mailing list. Merely contacting us does not automatically put you on our mailing list. You must ask to be included.

2. Our mailing list consists of former and active exhibitors as well as visitors that have entered our prize drawing.

3. If you have exhibited with us in the past you will be notified about future expos.

4. If you entered a prize drawing we will contact you about our forthcoming event in the city that you entered the drawing.

5. Prize drawing contestants or exhibitors may opt out of our future mailings by contacting us and asking to be removed from our list.

6. Expat-Expo absolutely never shares or sells private information with a third party.