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Gold Sponsor

Gold Sponsor


Gold Sponsorship:

- Your company logo-link will appear on the city page in the Gold Sponsor box. 
- Your promotional material is placed in the giveaway shopping bags. This can include brochures, and promotional items such as mints, pens etc. 
- Your framed A4 logo and promotional materials are placed on the Sponsor table near the entrance of the Expat-Expo. 
- You may bring a roll-up banner or similar to be placed behind the Sponsor table at visitor entry.
- Your logo will be on our flyers and posters, posted both online and physically.
- Possibility to publish a guest post/article on our Facebook Expat Expo Group and Page, complete with links to your website and social media.


Note: This option may be purchased without a table if you do not desire to exhibit.

Prices quoted above do not include 8.1% VAT.

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