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Why should you exhibit at Expat Expo?

What is Expat Expo?

Expat Expo is a one-day, admission-free event designed for the English-speaking residents of Switzerland. The event is intended to gather various local English-speaking businesses, organizations, museums, clubs and service providers together, under one roof to showcase their goods and services. Expat Expo is a must-attend event for Switzerland's Anglophone residents and conducts annual expos in Zug, Basel, Zurich, and Geneva with hundreds of different companies exhibiting and attracting thousands of visitors per year.

Why Expat-Expo is Important to our community:

Integrating into a new country can be a daunting process and Expat Expo is designed to help the Anglophone community feel quickly at home here. We believe our service contributes greatly to the successful integration of newly arrived families and veteran expats alike and reduces the stresses of integration for expats and their employers.

Why exhibit?

Nothing beats face-to-face interaction with your clients, it develops immediate trust and understanding that internet marketing just can't provide. Our objective is to provide your company effective and affordable access to the lucrative English-speaking marketplace of Switzerland. Expat Expo is not only a very good marketing tool but is also valuable for networking with other business owners. Expat Expo works because our exhibitors work together to reduce marketing expenses and maximize exposure by promoting the expo directly to their clients. Without this grass-roots approach we simply could not exist.

Where do you advertise?

Expat Expo is a grass-roots event and we have taken a very different approach to marketing. We offer you very affordable exhibitor fees, and in return we rely on you to contact your clients and let them know about Expat Expo...without this community spirit we simply cannot exist! We expect you to contact your clients and friends by email and social media to let them know that you will be exhibiting. Your participation on this issue has a huge effect on our traffic flow. In addition, you can download A6 flyers and A4 posters from our web page. Also, in each city we have substantial mailing lists of contacts we have made over the last 17 years, and we will also be working closely with Expat media groups like World Radio Switzerland, Radio X Basel and Radio 74 in Geneva and other local media.

Selling at Expat Expo:

Although many exhibitors do sell products at Expat Expo, the visitors are primarily there to learn about the different goods and services on offer and often do not make purchases during the event. Anyone that exhibits should bear this in mind and view their participation in Expat Expo as an opportunity to demonstrate their products or services to the public. Having said that, food products often sell very well.


Who exhibits?

Companies that exhibit at Expat Expo are looking for long-term exposure to clients and the opportunity to build solid relationships over time. Any company may exhibit and the range of products and companies at Expat Expo is amazing, from one-person companies all the way up to large multi-national corporations. Many of the businesses exhibiting are expat-owned but there are also many Swiss companies attending, including: Credit Suisse, UBS, Zurich Insurance and Swiss Life as well as many Swiss museums and local tourism offices. Don't just take our word for it, read what our exhibitors have had to say about Expat Expo: here.


Who visits and how people many attend?

Admission is free and everyone is welcome! Roughly 75% of our traffic is expats but you will also see a large number of English-speaking Swiss. Our crowds vary from location to location and the weather can play a role too but, based on our past expos, we expect attendance of approximately 1000-2000 each in Geneva, Zurich and Basel and in Zug we usually have about 1000.

Do you have demographics of the visitors?

We do not ask for any personal information from our visitors, but the English-speaking expat community is the highest paid and highest educated sector of the Swiss work force.

Examples of our fees for Zug (Basel, Zürich and Geneva are 50 CHF per stand higher):

A stand for an Unregistered Company 195 CHF + VAT

A stand for a Registered Company 295 CHF + VAT

A stand for a Financial Company 445 CHF + VAT*
*Limited availability. Please note that we reserve the right to decline any registration submissions. Thank you for your understanding.

Non-removable features depending on the location of the stand:

Premium location adds 100 CHF + VAT

Corner location adds 50 CHF + VAT

Back wall tables adds 100 CHF + VAT

Note: Some tables have multiple features.



Electricity: 50 CHF + VAT

Bronze Sponsorship 150 CHF + VAT

Silver Sponsorship: 700 CHF + VAT

Gold Sponsorship: 1000 CHF + VAT

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