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ENGAGE YOUR VISITORS: Try to create a “buzz”, be friendly, animated, charming and warm! Look professional, dress well and wear comfortable shoes.
CREAT AN INTERACTIVE DISPLAY: Anything that will stop the visitor from passing you by is worth doing! Prize drawings, games, curious displays that invite questions, free coffee, chocolates or pens, etc...
DO NOT SIT DOWN! Sitting exhibitors look bored and uninterested and that makes their products look uninteresting! Do not be discouraged if you do not sell well. Every expo you do will help you to understand what potential customers want. Pay close attention and adapt your marketing strategy and products to suit the market.

PRICE YOUR ITEMS: We recommend that you clearly price the merchandise you are selling and provide a price list with your contact information that the visitor can take with them. 
BE PATIENT: Do not expect to grab and hold every visitor's attention and do not be insulted if they pass you by. 
DO NOT BE HIGH-PRESSURED: Aggressive sales people are a turn off!
BE PREPARED: Bring plenty of promotional material or product.
KEEP STATISTICS: Record how many serious conversations
you had or brochures you gave away. This will help you plan for future exhibitions.


AT THE END OF THE DAY: Reflect on your experience. Was there anything you could have done differently to have increased your success? Was there anything we could have done? if so, please let us know.
THINK LONG-TERM: Every Expat-Expo exposes your company to new clients: You simply cannot make a memorable impact on the visitors if they only see you once or twice. The key to success is a sustained presence in the market. Be patient and exhibit as often as possible. Think of Coca Cola...they are HUGE but they never stop advertising!



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