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Expat Expo Basel 2024

March 17th at the Congress Center

of the Basel Messe

Messeplatz 21, 4058 Basel (Next to the

Marriott hotel, on the corner of Riehenring

and Clarastrasse)


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Exhibitor set-up begins at 9:00 AM

Expat Expo is open to the public from 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Expat Expo office number +41 44 552 04 40.

Loading Zone:

  • Use the unloading zone marked on the map above. The address is 42 Clarahofweg.

  • We suggest you bring a trolley if you have a large load.

  • You must put your company name on an A4 sheet of paper and leave it in the front window of your car while you are in the unloading zone.


  • There are three elevators but only elevator 401 goes to the correct floor.

  • The elevator is very slow and many people will be using it so please give yourself extra time.

  • The correct floor will be indicated on the touchpad of the elevator.

  • Elevator 401 unloads from the opposite door that you load in.

  • Use the rigid plastic signs to prevent the doors from closing, but be sure to remove them when you are finished or you will prevent the elevator from being used by others.

  • Follow the signs through the kitchen to the main hall.

  • You will find a floor plan posted as you enter the hall. 

  • Your table will be marked by an A4 sign with your company name on it.

  • Go directly to your stand, there is no need to check in.


  • You must move your car to the parking garage immediately after you have unloaded it.

  • Please be considerate and help us with this issue because we do not have enough staff to track you down and ask you to move your car.

  • Your things will be safe in the elevator.

  • Parking is nearby, see map above.

  • We are very sorry but there is no free parking at the Basel Messe.


If you are traveling light, you may enter through the front lobby and use the escalators or the small elevator.


During the expo:

  • We ask that you have no more than two representatives per table please.

  • You may not distribute flyers and other promotional material around the room or in the bathrooms. You must distribute them from your table only.

  • Visitors sometimes try to distribute promotional material. This is not permitted. If you see a visitor distributing material please notify a member of our staff as soon as possible or inform the visitor that it is not permitted.

  • The expo is over at 5pm, PLEASE DO NOT PACK-UP EARLY.



If you have something that needs to be delivered, please use the information below but items must not arrive more than 3 days before the expos.

Please send deliveries to:

Congress Center Basel

Attention: For Expat-Expo

Messeplatz 21

CH-4058 Basel

Table info:

  • Table size 180 cm wide and 75 cm deep and 72.5 cm tall (here is more information). There will be approximately 50 cm between tables and 80 cm behind the table, however these figures may vary depending on your location.

  • Back walls: Tables 1-13 are in front of windows. Tables 38-41, 54-57, 62-66 and 101-104 are in front of mobile poster walls (here is more information on page 2). Tables 71-80 are in front of a solid wall.

  • If you have a back wall option you should use Blu Tack or Scotch Magic tape or string to fix posters etc. no nails or screws please. You will be charged if you damage the walls and the fees are substantial.

  • Tables, a chair and an A4 sign with your company's name on it will be in position when you arrive.

  • Additional chairs are available. Ask at the front desk.

  • Unless you have ordered a back wall you will be back to back with another table.

  • We strongly suggest you bring a table cloth and decorate your table carefully.



If you need electricity is must be ordered. The fee is 50 CHF and can be ordered on the registration page:


WiFi is managed by the Congress Center and is free in the building. Expat-Expo GmbH does not offer support or guarantee a connection. If you have problems with the WiFi, please let us know at the front desk and we will give you the contact information for a representative from the Congress Center.

Prize drawings:

  • We strongly recommend offering a prize drawing. It helps visitors to stop at your stand and encourage conversation and it also helps attract more visitors to the event.

  • Prize drawings must be conducted at your table and you are responsible for delivering the prize to the customer. The best way is to print some small registration slips with name, address phone etc.. Have the visitors fill them out and drop them into a box. At the end of the day draw the winners and contact them directly after the event.

  • Notification: There are so many prize drawings occurring at the expos now that we can no longer handle making announcements over the intercom, so we ask you to please contact your winners directly.

Name tags:

We do not supply name tags. Please bring your own.

Help us spread the word:

Expat-Expo is a grass-roots event and we have taken a very different approach to marketing by offering a very affordable exhibitor fees and in return our exhibitors must work hard to inform their customers of the event. We are all relying on you to contact your clients and let them know about Expat Expo, without this community spirit we simply couldn't exist. Now is the perfect time to send out a quick email and mention Expat Expo and your participation to all of your business associates, friends and family.



You can download a flyer here.

Is this your first expo?

We have a few tips. Just click here to learn more.

Have a suggestion?

We try to think of everything, but if you have an idea that you would like to share with us, we are very interested in your thoughts! Please feel free to contact us.


Parking garage - 88 Riehenstrasse

Congress Center

Front of building - Messeplatz 21

Unloading zone

Unloading Zone - 42 Clarahofweg

Use elevator 401 only

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