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Freestyle Show

Meet René Mathussek - Pro Freestyle Footballer!

Get ready to be amazed! René Mathussek, one of the world's top freestyle footballers, is coming back to Expat Expo! René will dazzle you with mind-blowing performances and an exclusive freestyling workshop.

Catch René's jaw-dropping performances at:

  • 12:00

  • 14:00

  • 16:00

Plus, join his Exclusive workshop at 14:30 to learn the art of freestyle football from the master himself.

Don't miss the chance to witness René's incredible skills!


Leaping through life

with FloraDance

Scottish Highland Dance show

We are thrilled to announce Scottish Highland Dance show at Expat Expo Zug! Join us for a captivating dance recital by the talented children of FloraDance. Experience the rich heritage and vibrant energy of Scottish Highland Dance brought to life on stage.

Start of the show at 13:00!

Led by the esteemed dance teacher Lesley O'Neill, FloraDance is dedicated to fostering a love for dance and nurturing young talent.

Don't miss this opportunity to witness the grace and precision of Highland Dance in a captivating showcase.

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